LEM Products Stainless Steel Tilting Mixer (50-Pound)

LEM Products Stainless Steel Tilting Mixer (50-Pound) was listed on Amazon for $419.99, selling for $367.72 USD brand new. Manufactured by LEM Products. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Stainless steel tilting mixer, 50 pound capacity
  • Meat tub has three tilt positions: 90°, 115°, 180°; Flip up latch for easy detachment
  • High performance roller bearings; Adjustable swivel feet
  • Handle included or may be attached to a LEM grinder .75 HP or larger; Will NOT attach to grinder models purchased prior to 2005 or LEM #822 or #1113
  • Plexi-glass cover included

LEM Products 868 50 Pound Stainless Steel Tilting Mixer has some great features making clean up and storage a breeze. Stainless steel meat tub has three tilt positions (90 degrees for easy unloading, 115 degrees and 180 degrees for storage) and is fully removable for the easiest clean up ever. Has a flip-up latch for the easy detachment of the tub. Water tight gear box includes steel roller bearings and step gear providing powerful torque for stainless steel paddles to move meat. Swivel feet adjust to uneven surfaces. Comes with handles to manually mix or attach to a LEM grinder and let the motor do the work. Universal drive shaft allows it to attach to any current and most previous model LEM Stainless Steel grinder. Will attach to any LEM Grinder .75 HP or larger. Will not attach to grinders purchased before 2005 or LEM 822 & 1113. Includes a plexi-glass cover. LEM Products suggests using at least one ounce of water for each pound of meat when mixing. Do not over mix. Stop mixing when the mixture becomes tacky. For optimum results, meat should cover the paddles. Prior to mixing, spray the inside of the tub with vegetable oil to help facilitate clean up.

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