Cuissential Manual Coffee Grinder, Ceramic Burr, Black

 Kuissential Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder 1.0, Hand-crank Coffee Mill Buy Now on

Kuissential Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder 1.0, Hand-crank Coffee Mill , selling for $39.99 brand new. Manufactured by Kuissential. There are 1 units left brand new. If you prefer this product in used condition, there are 1 left on Amazon starting at $17.49.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Coffee Grinder takes your brew to the next level!
  • Uniform Grind Size for Best Taste Possible
  • Easily Adjustable Grind Sizes
  • Comes with Glass Storage Container and Non-Slip Base
  • New hopper lid to keep beans from jumping out while grinding. Quiet and Easy to Clean

Coffee Lovers, Take Your Brew to the Next Level by Using Freshly Ground Coffee Beans. Coffee Shops all over the world have known one of the secrets to making the best cup of coffee is to use freshly ground coffee beans. Making delicious coffee from freshly ground beans is now possible in your home by using Kuissential’s Manual Burr Coffee Grinder. Coffee flavor is extremely dependent on the consistency of the coffee grind. A Manual Burr Coffee Grinder is the best way to achieve a uniform grind and get the best flavor possible.The manual grinding process also causes less heat and friction, which minimizes the loss of oils through evaporation. All adding to your coffee’s flavor! Manual Coffee Grinders are also quieter and easier to clean. This Manual Grinder is easily adjustable to give you the desired grind size for your method of brewing from fine espresso to coarse french press. This Manual Coffee Grinder was designed with a Ceramic Burr because relative to steel it will last longer, absorb less heat, won’t rust, and make less noise. Also, ceramic material does not alter flavor in any way, which ensures a fresh taste. This makes it a perfect option for a Home Grinder. The bottom portion of this coffee grinder doubles as a storage container for your leftover grind, and has a non-slip base that will stay steady during the grinding process. Thanks to customer feedback, this grinder now comes with a lid for the bean hopper to keep beans from jumping out or spilling while grinding. If you love coffee and want to take your home brewing to the next level, add this Manual Burr Coffee Grinder to your arsenal today! (Made from BPA-FREE components.)

Kuissential Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder 1.0, Hand-crank Coffee Mill

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