Big Boss 15-Piece Hi Speed 300-Watt Personal Countertop Blender Mixing System

 Big Boss 15-Piece Hi Speed 300-Watt Personal Countertop Blender Mixing System Buy Now on

Big Boss 15-Piece Hi Speed 300-Watt Personal Countertop Blender Mixing System was listed on Amazon for $49.99, selling for $35.00 USD brand new. Manufactured by Big Boss. There are 20 units left brand new. If you prefer this product in used condition, there are 6 left on Amazon starting at $30.69.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Replaces a food processor, blender, and coffee grinder; simple to operate
  • Includes three 18-ounce large cups, 3 matching comfort rings, 6 assorted lids, stainless steel blade attachment, power base, and recipe book
  • Powerful 300 watt motor-crushes ice
  • Chop, cook and store-all in the same cup
  • Cups are dishwasher and microwave safe; sport lids on the go

The Big Boss Multi Blender System does the job of several kitchen appliances in one powerful, compact design. This versatile 15-piece set helps you prepare meals, appetizers, and blended drinks in minutes, making it ideal for everyday use as well as party preparation. And thanks to a handy assortment of included lids, the Multi Blender lets you easily store and transport your creations.Multi Blender At a Glance: Multi-purpose blender for quick food preparation Heavy-duty 300-watt motor turns ice to snow Powerful blender makes snacks in a pinch Locking power base prevents accidental spills Cups are dishwasher and microwave safe Mixes, blends, chops, grates, purees, whips and grinds a. Whip up a rich pasta sauce to perfection using only the multi blender b. Chop any dip in seconds c. Grind coffee beans, for fresh coffee drinks anytime Perfect to prepare frosty drinks/smoothies Versatile Blender System Prepares Food in Minutes The Big Boss Multi Blender is a one-stop tool that helps you streamline your food and drink preparation. This single device can mix, blend, chop, puree, whip, and grind. Whether you’re making a quick smoothie or hosting a dinner party, this powerful blender is an ideal sidekick in any kitchen. Use it to blend your morning fruit smoothies, chop fresh garlic and onions for spaghetti sauce, whip up dessert toppings, and even grind coffee. With its powerful blade and assortment of cups, rings, and lids, the Multi Blender gives you plenty of options for easy storage and transport. Powerful 300-Watt Motor Crushes Ice The Big Boss Multi Blender’s powerful 300-watt motor is so strong that the blender needs only one blade to do all of its work. Just place the ingredients into one of the assorted cups, lock the power base, and then press and twist down on the top. Once the top is twisted, the Big Boss stays on, while safety locks on the power base prevent accidental spills and messes. The Multi Blender is powerful enough to turn solid ice into fluffy snow in seconds, so you can serve party guests quick margaritas, piña coladas, and daiquiris. Before a workout, try mixing fruit and protein powder with your favorite beverage for a power-packed energy drink. Two included sport lids let you take beverages on the go. Works Quickly for On-the-Go Snacks If you’re in a hurry to entertain guests or make a quick snack during commercials, the Big Boss Multi Blender offers a variety of solutions. The blender can make salsa in six seconds and creamy homemade milkshakes in just 10 seconds. The Multi Blender’s strong blade can also chop hard cheeses, mince chocolate for baking, and puree baby food in less than a minute. For added convenience, the cups are portable, easy to clean, and dishwasher and microwave safe. How it Works: Place the desired ingredients into a cup Place the blade on by twisting it until there is a tight seal Line up the tabs of the cup with the tabs of the Power Base. Press down on the cup to turn the unit on. The unit will remain on until you let go of the cup What’s in the Box PartsFeatures Big Boss Multi Blender Unit 300-watt power unit One Multi-Purpose Blade Used for all-purpose blending/mixing Two Sealable Lids Used for storing foods and ingredients One Herb Lid Equipped with sliding cover to chose from large, medium and small openings Two Sport Lids Fit over the cups when drinking on the go One Steamer Lid Used for steaming or cooking in microwave Three Large Cups with Three Comfort Rings Cups used for mixing ingredients and rings provide comfort when drinking right from the cup 18oz./532mL Instructions/Recipe Book Contains important info as well as a variety of delicious recipes View larger.With its handy assortment of cups, rings, and lids, the Multi Blender lets you easily store and transport your creations. View larger.View larger.

Big Boss 15-Piece Hi Speed 300-Watt Personal Countertop Blender Mixing System

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